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YFC GROUP was initiated by the First Generation Entrepreneur MR. RAJINDER K. YADAV in consort with his younger brother MR. DAVINDER K. YADAV in the 1980’s. With their astute insight of business and crystalline vision about the organization they have ensured unfailing growth and thriving development over the years. They are known for their efficacious diversification record, project execution skills and financial expertise along with the people management capabilities.

With a conjoint experience of over 60 years, the promoters have acquired a comprehensive and prescient vision that has given an astounding growth track to the company. They also have made it successful in all the ventures. Under their guidance the team has developed and initiated policies, procedures and practices in-line with world-class process models.

Under their leadership, the Group has grown over decades while continuously following the diversifications, from Financial Services (NBFC), Roads and Highways, Ready Mix Concrete, Civil Constructions, Metro-Rail projects becoming a full-fledged EPC company today. All of the business verticals today are brands of quality in the industry, managed by highly qualified senior management professionals. The management assesses, analyses and adopts policies, improving monitoring systems and control mechanisms to ensure better business growth and prospering progress to everyone associated with the company. The philosophy and mission is to achieve a system-driven organization with well-defined roles of all the people within.